Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vinyl Guard

Renew, protect and maintain golf course equipment with VinylGuard.

  My last superintendent wanted to find a product to cover our flag sticks (pins) at the golf course . He did some preliminary searches and found other products that where not economically a good choice . I was asked to look around and see if I could find a cheaper product . After much searching I had found this site ( before the golf division was started ) .
 To go back in time , we use to take 2 to 3 weeks at each course to sand down the flag poles and bunker rakes then spray paint a few coats of paint /lacquer on . It was a very time consuming process and the paint fumes would get unbearable inside (winter work).
 Since we found this product we can recover all the bunker rakes and pins at both course in little time for less than it would cost for paint / wages and lost time that could have been used for other golf course business .
 Every off season we wash and inspect the vinyl guard and replace as needed . It's very cost effective and the Vinyl Guard company is very easy to deal with .
 I have heard of techs using this product on hammer handles and adjustable wrenches . I'm looking around an see a few more uses for it . Would be great to cover the ball washer poles and our square shaped markers we use to direct traffic on the course .
   Both course have been using the vinyl guard products for 4 ++ seasons and are extremely happy . It really spruces up the course . There are a wide range of colors . We use two colors on our pins yellow on top and black on the bottom .We put the yellow on first then just over lap the black . Looks as good or better than the factory finish . In the second pick the factory one is on the right . The yellow was over lapped on the black on the left one . Should have been the other way around for a cleaner look . Some electrical tape will give it a great look .

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