Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toro 5410 groomer install with Brushkits

Read the instructions first that come with the groomers. Some things to think about when reading instructions . 99.9% of the time they describe right from left from the sitting position on the machine . Much the same as a super will describe an area on the golf course referring from tee to green (or play ). Also in these instruction there are lots of references to reel motor side or groomer motor side . Over all if you take your time on the first one it's fairly easy install . I started of by removing the spring ( above pic)and used the tab that came with the machine to make adjustments and adding parts a little easier on the reel .
We have brush kits ,so the belt and plate with pulleys has to be removed .
I removed the brush drive motor next . I'm using a wrench to get a little more leverage it the tight space .
Set the parts aside for now , some of them will be going back on later . The parts not used will be bagged and tagged so I will be able to put it back the way it was if needed .( saves on buying new parts ) 
Oh yes , see the grease nipple in the pick ? This was not mentioned in the instructions if you go directly to the installation with brush kit section of the manual . It is mentioned in the first set of instructions .
It is replaced with a 45 degree one . A pretty big chore if you try to do it after every things on .
 On the REEL motor side the spline is replaced with a longer one . The left reel motor splines are removed in a clockwise direction . The center and right sides are the normal way . Clean the threads well and use the blue lock tight . Torque at 85 to 90 ft lbs .

Now I removed the reel motor bolts , they won't be needed anymore .

Remove front adjusters and roller . We have the front roller scrapers . They where under mounted but with this set up they will be on top now . New front adjuster are pretty beefy .
I like putting never seize where the adjusters slide .
Tighten these nuts till they bottom out , then back off 1/2 a turn .
Leave the pinch bolts really loose . You should have enough movement to put roller on .
Top side mounted roller scraper .

Clean the threads out in the outer holes on both sides . Also do the top rear side plate , where the adjuster will be bolted to . Tap used 3/8 -16 thread . Take your time the paint is in there pretty good and thick and your going to have to work it  a little at a time ( especially on the reel motor side ). Other wise this may happen . I snapped a tap off on the last hole . Lucky for me it was out enough to use a small punch and needle nose pliers to get it out . You really want to avoid this problem .

Next - you can take the groomers and ends out of the box and cut all the zip ties off . Carefully pull the reel motor side plate of the groomer . On the GROOMER motor side install the yellow seal from bag of parts .

The thin metal shim goes against the reel frame . I used a little grease on the back side to hold it in place . The holes in the plate are large for a reason . The trick is to install the groomer motor without pinching the plate in between . Use the new Allen head bolts and blue thread lock .
REEL motor side has no plate .(above)

Bolt the groomer adjuster on .
Check alignment of pulleys ( not the center tension pulley ) Install the belt and heavy spring . Spring tab openings face the the pulley .

In the above picks -remove solid rubber center and replace with rubber grommet . Remove bolts from inside the cover (threaded through case) The top case pick you can see and allen head bolt in the center . Remove that one and put it in the thread hole left from the bolts . There is another allen head bolt in kit to block the other hole . Have to put thread lock on these to help hold them in the case .
Take the center bolt out of groomer motor pulley and install the one saved from the brush kit . Line up or make sure the tabs lock into other groomer pulley before bolting it down . Use blue lock tight .
Re install brush/pulley plate , belt and cover .
Adjust the groomer springs to 1 3/8 ths " between the top of the nut to bottom of holder (where you see the top of spring ) Check the movement on the levers .
Turn levers so they point to the rear of the reel . Adjust HOC ( .625"at this course ) then flip levers forward ( engaged )and adjust groomers . (.425") This is what where going to start with . For this HOC they recommend anywhere from .325 " to  .625" .
5/8ths racheting wrench adjusted it in pretty quick .

All done . Going to have to watch out for my fingers now and figure out the rest as I go this summer for grinding and back lapping . 


  1. Bob,
    We just had a spline strip out and we don't have the Toro remover tool. Mechanic is trying it now but it seems a 3/8" extension also fits the spline.

    1. If that doesn't work Chris and if there is room . Weld a nut to it ,splines no good anyway and the heat from the weld should loosen things up .If there is a seal nearby you may want to cool it . If your welding with it on the machine disconnect your battery cables first .And you may want to check which direction it comes off I'm pretty sure there are a couple of righty offs ( left side reel motors.

    2. Might need one to put it back in , unless you have some old toro reel motors laying around . We use to cut the splines off and weld an old .5" socket so we can use it on the grinders for a drive .