Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1250 Toro Sprayer parts in .

 Ball joints came in on Monday . I ordered ball joints , ball joints is what I received as per ordered . I am saying this because in the auto industry you get ball joint , rubber boot , nut ,washer and cotter pin (as a complete set ). So when ordering look for other part #'s to complete the job . I was lucky that I had not thrown the old parts I needed away.I used a 3/4 "drive 1.5" socket to drive them in. they went in fairly easy .
 Once I'm done servicing the rest of the machine I'll check the toe-in .
On the lower A frame control arms I drilled and tapped for grease nipples (4 of them ) a few years ago . Since doing this I haven't  replaced any of the plastic bushings .
Finished servicing / cleaning both  foley grinders for next season . Just have to paint the bottom of bedknive grinder.

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