Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waiting for parts

I have the pro - gator in the shop with the 180 tycrop spreader on it . Sitting in limbo for a bit till the spinner parts come in .Pro gator is dedicated to the tycrop so it has very few hours on it . Just an oil and filter change ,plugs replaced  , checked the air filter and replaced the fuel filter .   During winter work you may be tied up on jobs . The trick is to not tie up your shop so you can keep working . I put things back in cold storage if possible till the parts come in and start another machine . The more machine you can get done the better the summers going to be for you maintenance wise . I'm looking at 150 + pieces if your counting rental carts and small engines . I leave the tractors ( if their do for service ) and small engine ( snippers , blowers etc. ) for the spring . My GKIV fuel line parts came in and that machine came back into the shop today for it's upgrade . Also have some groomers coming in for one of the 5410's . Going to be a great project for me since I have never seen , serviced or used them before . I have the install instructions sent to me vie G-mail as a PDF file from my dealer to pre- view them before they get here . I could have had them now but the sales rep is going to the island and can pick them up for me saving the club the delivery charge . While I'm in limbo I can either start servicing the grinders or get the rest of the maintenance carts done . I did do a quick check on the electric carts and the batteries are going to need to be topped up and terminals cleaned up very soon  . Might be a good job tomorrow or the next day . I have one of the 4x2 gators JD for fluid and filter changes .  These machines are near the fertilizer area I'll have to clean up the corrosion on all connections in wiring harness . I've had issues with the step and go and electric lift cylinder connections in the past plus the 40 amp fuse on the TXs  gets corrosion bad too for some reason  .

I use to have the mowing equipment on that side but since flipping the equipment around I have not had any corrosion issues with mowing equipment since . I'd rather have downed carts than mowing gear it's the lesser of two evils for sure . After a while you just know what the normal problems or issues are with equipment at the course you are working at . Keep plowing through it only 11 to 13 weeks left before go time . Looking good so far this winter has been pretty mild but February is just around the corner and it wasn't very nice last season .

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