Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slow Friday Updating the water trailer

I brought in the old water truck in . It's in pretty hard shape and need a few upgrades . I put a new adjustable stand by the hitch and replaced both tires . This trailer is used only on the course and  decided to call our tire supplier and see if he had some good used tires . 2 for 60 $ not bad for like new condition tires . I pushed the tank to one side to get the 4hp trash pump on easier and made a hold down bar for it . I'll get some pic's later . I'm also thinking of getting a cheap pump at Princess Auto and locking it down o prevent theft . It is a little bit of a pain to have to hook every thing up to it . The gardener uses it all the time in the summer .

   Received a few orders and had some errors on the invoices that need some attention . My GK's are done for now and will bring one back in later for the fuel line up grade when the parts come in . Just brought the Toro 4300 D for winter service .

  Also scraped down the fluffy snow and salted the parking lot . Fertilizer came in and we rented a forklift for super to put it all away.
  Winter work is looking good so far I'm keeping on track and might be a little ahead off the game . Soon will be the time to check all the electric carts for water levels in batteries .

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