Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GK VI fuel starving cure

 We have a problem that I'm going to solve hopefully this winter . Our course is pretty hilly in some areas and in the dew the smooth tires slip trying to get up the hills so we back the machine up to get it were we need it . . The problem is if the tank is close to halve full it will run out of fuel because it only feeds from the rear of the tank . I seen somewhere that the newer ones have an extra feed line on the front end of the tank .

I have the parts ordered and will update . I'm going to put a T fitting in and drill for a new grommet and feed line .

I'm also going to put on the same side as the rear feed line . I'll add a few more picks here later .


 Originally I was going T into the fuel line closer to the engine side , but after thinking about it it wouldn't get filtered first so the plan has changed .
 I order the OEM grommet and fuel line insert . Removed the tank and drilled the 1" hole in the tank frame . Marked for the hole . I used a regular drill bit and a battery operated drill on the lowest setting with the least drag . I didn't what to take chance on the drill bit catching and cracking the old tank .
Teed everything to the filtered side of fuel filter and ran the other line on it's normal route . Now when we back up hills it shouldn't run dry .

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