Thursday, January 5, 2012

GK IV old reel motor to New style

I was going to rebuild reel motors but there is so many hrs. on them and the seal kits where very pricy and for a little more I could get new ones . But I didn't realize the drive reel hub had to be changed over also . The original problem was this reel was spinning at a slower speed than the rest . Now they run great . I might do a reel speed check and see how fast it spins compared to the  old ones . 

The newer style reel needs the drive side hub replaced so you can attach the newer 2 bolt reel motor  ( the old style has 4 studs ) The pics were taken during assemble but will try to explain  how to take the reel apart .Take the bedknive of loosen adjuster off and remove the 2 bolts holding it in the frame  and . Remove front roller and brackets and grass shield .

Remove 9/16 bolt out of the end of the reel shaft , slide the spacer shaft out . Remove the 7/8 spring tension  nut.

Now the snap ring can be removed of the drive side hub holding the bearing in .

I use some wooden block to keep the reel in place . Remove the 4 -1/2 nuts holding the hub in the frame . I try using a 3/8 drift punch and punch the old hub out from inside the reel frame . If the bearing is stuck on the shaft ( usually  is ) use a puller .

A pick at reassembly new hub bolted in frame and bearing repacked in grease . Same idea to put bearing on shaft , block the reel lands with wooden blocks and tap the bearing in place with a punch . put circlip back on .

Reassemble the other end , tighten spring load nut till it bottoms out lightly. Install 9/16 bolt ( use some blue thread lock )etc. Now back the spring load nut off till it pinches the sleeve . Snug it up pretty tight .That will give you the proper spring tension on the bearings . Reassemble in this order , grass shield , front roller and brackets , bedknife . Set up light contact and HOC . * if you put the front roller and brackets on first you might not be able to get the grass shield back on *

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