Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday Snow plowing

 Well it was bound to happen sometime , it is almost mid January. We had a small dumping of snow last night ( Friday about 4' of wet stuff ). Slow day for me so I plowed both course lots ( 4.5 hrs ). It's looking like almost a repeat in weather pattern as last season remember last February, I do  winter hit hard and cold .  As a tech you may have to chip in once in a while and help out .  
     I'm waiting for some parts and getting a parts list ready for the 180 tycrop . The old spinners are worn out and I'm looking into adding the extra paddle like the upgrade kit 200 has .
    The toro side winder I'm working on now has a problem with the rear deck not hitting the wear pad on top . If it's not line up  it may by pass the catch and the front roller will start to hit the metal hydro lines . It's actually by passing the catch once in a while now but not enough to damage the lines yet . I'm asking tech's on the sites for ideas or a fix . I know for a fact last season it slipped down a steep bank into a trap . Some ideas a trickling in now and will check it out on Monday .
  It was a good day to catch up on paper work .

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