Friday, December 23, 2011

Tru - Turf Roller steering rod ends

 Love the lift much easier to replace the rod ends .
 This is what I'm replacing them with . A little beefier than the stock one in the lower pick .
The roller is used a lot . This roller does a great job but needs some regular maintenance in the off season so it doesn't let you down when you need it  . The roller bearings only lasted less than 2 seasons , but last time I repacked the sealed bearings with swepco 103 and after getting a season on them they still feel very good . this year I'm replacing all the steering and linkage rod ends and rear centering shock ends and washers . We find the double roller chain wears fast also . I did find I can buy it by the 10 ft. roll from Lawsons @ about 13 $ a ft. I should get 3 uses out of a 10 ' roll  instead of around 70 $ + for one chain from supplier . 80 $ savings . Could get it lower if I do some real digging on line .
     Wash it off well after use and the wearable parts will last a little longer but this unit is kicking up sand causing most of the premature wear . Over all a nice machine but needs TLC to keep it that way . Parts are easily replaced .

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