Friday, December 2, 2011

Toro 5410 hydro oil change

 One of my 5410's is do for a hydro oil and filter change . 1035 hrs . it was changed out at break in and is recommended to be changed in 800 hrs .or every 2 years . First thing to do before working on the hydro system is shut the machine off and move the traction pedal back and forth and steering to relief any pressure in the system .  I take the fitting ( hose line ) coming of the hydro tank to drain the hydro oil .  Wear some nitril gloves it can get pretty messy and slippery .
 Most of the oil will drain out ( roughly < 11 us . gallons )
 2 filters to change . One is directly left from to sitting position behind the frame , the other is the obvious long one you see in front .

The front long filter I found easiest to use a large pipe wrench . Tighten down new one to spec on filter .

 Remove both filters .

Check and clean filter sealing surface . Sometimes the old seal may get stuck to the filter housing . In this case they are upright filters, so I fill them up with hydro ( iso 46 ) fluid before installing . Fill the hydro tank and let machine idle till it's warmed up a good 15 minutes . Then you can raise and lower reels , move it forward and back and work the steering to the stops .

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