Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Toro 3150 Q reel reasembly after grinding

 Slide the bedbar back in place . The nylon washers go against the aluminum frame then the metal ones go next . Back of the jam nut a little on the pin that holds the bedbar in place .
 Tighten till it's very snug the nyloc nut should be tighten up enough so the the washer can just barely move . I like to reassemble everything back with a little never seize .
 I hold the bedknife up against the reel and see how it turned out after grinding . This ones is dead on . If you double / triple check your set up on the grinder it should be very close ,you may have to backlap in a little to mate in the 2 different grinds . I grind a lot of relief in the reel that way I can get away with just a spin grind here and there during the season  keeping the contact to the minimum .
 Adjust it in till it just touches the bedbar levers . tighten up the spring loaded nut till it's fully ompressed then back of 1/4 of a turn .
I spin the reel backwards when first adjusting to get some of the burrs off . On the first try cutting a piece of newsprint it cut on the right and pinched the paper on the left. I backed the left off 2 clicks and tighten the other side 1 click and it came in close enough to cut all the way across . It should have very light contact at this point if not back each side of equally until it does .
 Use a thread sealer or never seize when putting steel bolts onto aluminum . Unless they are stainless steel . The 2 metals will fuse together in time .
3150 reel fully assembled .

Here is how it sounded on the grinder

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