Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lift Safety Inspection .

My lift is a year old this month . Received a call to Friday morning for the annual safety inspection . It's good to have some one come in a check it over to make sure there are no hidden issues . The inspector ask me how it was working and I mentioned that once in a while it seemed to be louder and vibrate more. He pointed out that where the 2 parts slide on  the nylon blocking needs to be greased by smearing a half tube of grease on the metal on each end . I assumed to would have been done during installation . I'll have to go back and read the manual again . First time having or being around a lift so I learned something new that day . Inspection went well he had to do some minor adjustments . Makes you feel more secure when it's working hard all season . Fantastic piece of equipment . Speeds up down / adjustment /and maintenance times for sure .

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