Monday, December 19, 2011

First day back

The guys couldn't get the loader starter and left the note on my white board . Cleaned of connections / topped up the battery and found  the connector on the black wire on the starter was pretty much corroded off . Seems to be working Ok now .
 Our pro - gator had a few more wiring issues . If your pro - gator ( gas ) turns over and there is no spark it may be the 25 amp fuse holder behind the front grill panel .  Both - 25 and 10 amp holders were in very poor condition . I wired in some heavy gauged holders . I'm starting to think that machinery parked near fertilizer ( stored in the same building ) seem to have more issues with wiring connections . It was stored beside the fertilizer for a few years in the past .

 The last sprayer was tank flushed and ran some plumber anti-freeze through it today. It also had issues with the booms and agitation pump not working . The problem was in the 4 block fuse holder in front of engine . Corrosion . Just had to clean it up and replaced a couple of fuses .

Aerovator off the tractor and putting snow blower on today . Had a little bend in it . I tried heating it up with the oxy/act.but ran out of gas . We have this huge monkey wrench and with a little weight on it and it straighten out .
Guys are all out getting the last of the ice shields on and are finishing off a few jobs before lay offs this week .
 29 hrs. on the GK IV to bad it's on its second time around . Used this machine for approaches and collars this year .Had to get the extended front roller adjusters to get the higher HOC. ( I'll get a pick of them if I remember ) We got it from the New Course and it works very well .
Getting reels ready to grind . One reel spun in , 3 bedknives done . I believe this unit is an '89 . One good thing about the old GK IV you get your moneys worth out of them . 

First day back average day ...... not a bad day . 

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