Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Accu gauge bench setting .

 I prefer to use the accu gauge on HOC ( height of  cut )under .500 " ( 1/2 " )
I'm bench setting this reel . The actual HOC will be lower when it's on the rollers in mowing position . Other things that affect the HOC are the grooved  rollers on the front of some reels . You can get as much as .05 to .20 difference between the smooth and grooved rollers . Some course like to use the smooth rollers in the spring when the grass is just starting to grow or having problems then they will switch to the grooved ones in the summer to get into more of the canopy .
 The wrench facing us loosens the adjuster the other one on this model adjusts the HOC. There are a few different adjusting systems out there and some take a  little getting use to them .
We measure from the ends to get the HOC that the Superintendent is asking for . Go to one side than the other , back and forth a few times till they are equal . I have found quit a few times that the rollers get or are out of round . In this case I would roll the roller while watching the gauge and find the mid point to start from . One more tip is when adjusting go past your mark and turn adjuster down to it . I find doing it this way it will not get knocked out of whack as easily . You may be asked to get the tri-plex to cut at the same HOC as the walk mowers . Because of weight and wheel marks / roller styles they will cut at different heights . You can make a pass in one direction with the tri-plex and mow 90 degrees to it with the walker and make adjustments till they look similar were they cross each other .  We have 3 greens mowing machines model or styles. To get them to cut the same at this course I set them like this . Jac PGM smooth roller .140 HOC
                                       Jac Greens King IV narrow groove front roller .165 HOC.                                     Toro 3150 Q with narrow groove .140 HOC 

If these where all bench set the would read .110 on the prism gauge ( tool for seeing the actual cut ). That's .030 of a difference . That's because the weight of the reel has a downward effect on the turf being cut .The settings are my course settings / may or may not be the same on a different green somewhere else .

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