Friday, November 18, 2011

Toro Edgemax blade review

 Toro Edgemax bedknives is fine product . I would recommend them to courses with smooth fairways that seldom topdress . For the period that we had them for I was very surprised on how well they kept an edge . They say they keep an edge 3 times as long and I believe they will in ideal conditions . As far as grinding them I personally didn't think it took that much more time and used the factory stone on  our foley grinder . There are better stones out there if your in a reel hurry to get the grind back .

 Sad to have had to switch over to HD bedknifes because they where taking a pounding on our fairways . We have some bedrock outcroppings and a few rocks ( some the size of old Buicks ) on the fairways . I noticed it first when we were losing chunks out of the bedknife then later on they where all separating .

There are guys on the tech sites that have over 800 hrs. and counting on their bedknifes . If I had different conditions I would gladly go back to them .

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