Friday, November 18, 2011

Toro 4300 D leaks

 Here are a few pic's I took at the first of the season when the new 4300 D started to leak . The rear steering cylinder was seeping at the shaft seal . Just because a machine is new doesn't mean you don't keep an eye on them . Toro replaced the cylinder promptly when I sent pic's to the head tech at the dealer .
 Also had an issue with a seal on the deck motor . replaced O ring behind jam nut but couldn't get the hose to stop leaking . After going back and forth with the dealer I decided to flip the hose ( fittings are the same on both ends ) and it solved the problem . I'm thinking maybe the hose had a twist in it and being on the left front deck it was loosening off .
Just a pic of the anti scalp plate with hydro fluid on it from hose leak . No problems for the rest of the season . The 4300D with the smaller decks are a perfect match for this course . We loved this machine so much we are getting another one for next season .

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