Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Club Car Turf II winter work

Near the end of the season . I put gas treatment in all the equipment. Since I 'v done this for over 5 years I have had  no carburetor issues .

 Oil and filters changed . The fuel filters I'll change every other year , On the off year I just twist the filter 180 degrees .
 I use this product to clean brushes on the starter / generator . I'll check to see if the brushes need to be replaced , If the top of the brush is almost level to the slide it is time to change them . I keep some on hand . Fairly easy job to change .
 I have for the past 5 years been using dry graphite on buttons on secondary clutches . I have noticed very minimal wear. Have also  notice some of the newer machines recommending this now . Coincidence ...... maybe .  
 For working on individual wheels I have a heavy duty tripod . I adjust it to the bracket and drop the lift to the next click . 

 I'm checking the rear brakes . I'll use the 7 mm wrench and back off to get the drum off . Check the pads for wear , give them a little scuff if they are glazed over . Adjust the rear brakes this way first before adjusting any cables , I adjust it till drum doesn't turn then back it off 3 to 5 clicks. I have one CC with 4 wheel brakes , do the front first .
 When supporting a wheel ( one corner ) with a tripod adjust the lift fork to set under the side of the gear your working on .............just in case something happens .

 On this one there was a little play on the 2 bushings on the upper control arm .Replaced bushings bolts etc . and never seize .
Every season I tighten or check the 3/4 " fine thread nut . This one had bad bushings and thrust washer. Also check the brake pawl adjustment , clean / top up battery . Where we have fertilizer in the same building as the equipment . I have notice machinery parked near these areas to have more than usually corrosion on electrical connections . So I give the wiring connections an extra cleaning and lubed up with die electric grease .

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