Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bedknife replacement on 5410 Toro

Replacing my 5410 HD bedknives . There is a little bit left on them but will not last next season . So it's best for me to replace them now in the off season . I'll keep a few of the better ones in case one gets bent during the season . I find using a punch and hammer the easiest way to remove the screws .
 Once the bedknife is removed you have to clean up the bedbar by removing the rust . I'm using a wire wheel on a die grinder . Pretty effective . You can also tap the threads out to clean them up a little .

 Once it's nice and clean I put a fine layer of never seize on .
 I make sure the back side of the bedknife is clean before placing it on the bed bar . Next install new screws and screw them in lightly working from the center out . Torque the screws to 200 to 250 inch pounds working from the center out going side to side. You can get a special tool from toro to install screws . Before my time the techs had shims to shim up the low areas of bedknife so you wouldn't have to grind ( back then backlap) in to much to set them up .
YES new bedknives need to be ground . On the foley you flip the tabs out and set bedbar on . Tabs should have a slight drag when moving them . 
 Grind the top face first . Factory ground at 5 degrees . I'm grinding the same angle . There pretty close .
I'm grinding the front face next . Factory grind is 5 degrees but I'm going with 7 degrees . I also have an angle finder on the bar to make my adjustments . I find this more accurate then the sticker numbers on the other side of the side plate where the adjustment lever is . A little video of what it sound like on the grinder .

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