Wednesday, November 30, 2011

630 Foley Relief Grind set up .

After spin grinding -  move the grinding head over to one side or lower it . Remove the 5" x 1 " stone and replace it with the 5" x 3/8 stone . Pull the T handle ( far left in pic above )and push down to rotate finger and guide to the upright position . Adjust the guide finger to just above the stone (1/16th or so )by turning the adjuster you see at the bottom center of pick . Just above the adjuster there is and allen key adjustment that can increase or decrease the relief angle . On the far right there is a lever that has to be rotated out and back in the other notch , this will release the catch finger and it should spring back when you push on it .
Move the grinding head to the far right and raise the grinding wheel up till it just catches the movable finger .
Slide it to right and it should ride up onto the guide finger .
Hold the reel against the guide and when you push on the catch finger there should be about 1/32 " play . If there is to much play it will hit the side of the guide . To little play will make it grind light one way and real heavy the other .
If it needs to be adjusted unlock the adjuster you see in above pic . The far right one adjusts the finger play the inside one locks it .
Slide the motor to far left and adjust transverse so that when light sensor comes on the grinding wheel should be past the reel . The right side is usually ok . Now Slide it back to center of travel . The catch finger should be in front of the blade ( hold reel against guide ). There should be about 1/16" play .
The adjustment to get this play is with the little T handle in center of pick .
Adjust the stone in turtle mod till it just contacts reel them back off a tap or two .
Move this switch down to this setting and reel spin switch also goes down . The reel spin dial  has no effect here but the next dial down is for how much torque pressure is used to turn the reel against guide finger . You want this setting light enough to not have to much drag on reel land but just enough that when it switches to next land it gets there in time for the stone to start grinding . If the motor is on the right and your grinding a some of the Jacobsen reels using the 9/16 th bolt  and you have to much torque it may unwind the bolt off.

I make it traverse on every land WITH OUT GRINDING first in case some more  adjustments are needed. You could just grind but if something goes wrong it can make a reel mess on a reel land . I would advise to be near the grinding area while relief grinding in case something happens . If you have to leave the shop to fix something on the course shut the grinder down .  good luck .

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