Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5410 reel service .

Before grinding reel I checked them for play side to side and adjust them just enough to get the play out . Our course is pretty rough on gear so I check the lands for missing ends . I found both left units to have one each with a piece missing .I grease the reel bearings and clean the lands off and check for bends or weld splatter ( if the grind sounds like it hops or skips in could be from weld splatter )  I welded in new pieces so that I'm able to relief grind every reel land . I spin grind first then relief grind . Mounted new fresh ground bedknife making sure nylon washer are in place . Tighten bolts in snugly .Adjust lock nut so you can just move the metal washer .PS. I also check the rollers for play ,but since I have switched to swepco grease I haven't had to rebuild anything in 4 years + . Before the switch we use to tear down all reels and rollers and replace bearings and seals as needed . Very time and budget consuming . With the time saved I can have most of the gear ready for spring .
 I take the adjusters apart every season and lube them up . I also give the click tab a tap with the hammer so that it will make an loud click when adjusted . To speed up the reel to bedknive adjustment I hold up on  bedbar by the tab and click adjust it till it is almost touching . Also the click adjusters may seize up quicker on the exhaust side ( Right Rear reel ) A note ; If you had past bad experiences with brush kits from other manufacturers don't discount the Toro ones  . They have been bullet proof so far .  
 Next I but the washer and spring on and adjust nut down till spring is compressed then back off 1/4 turn .
 this is the bedknife adjusted at the most aggressive setting .
 The attitude of the bedknive is adjustable by moving the shims on the rear roller .
 I'm having some bobbing and line issues . I'm going with the less aggressive setting this year . I have also been making adjustments on the rear lift arm springs . We are suppose to get 1set of groomers for one machine . This may help with some of the puffy grass areas .
 Least aggressive shims are all on the top side .
 I just use the toro bar for adjusting HOC ( height of cut ) We cut at .625" I find using a bar verses an accu  gauge  a lot easier and is not a problem at HOC > .500
One of the techs on the sites replaces these bushings every time he removes the bedbar . I'm going to start changing mine out during the winter maintenance . I did notice some wear on the old ones .

I adjust everything to be ready to cut in the spring . If your gear is stored outside in the off season You may want to leave the bed bar away from reel so they don't rust together . My gear is stored indoors at about 10 degrees C . Fluid film is a good product to protect the reel and knife from the elements in the off season .

5410 service continued :

Finished the 5410 #2 mower today . Installed reels . Checked fluids and filter hr. # to see if any are due for change . Everything was good except the air filter needed replacing .
   " Filter hour # "    I use to change out motor oil and filters every winter on all machines . When changing filters I write on the filter when the next service is . In this way I can check them to see if they need changing at a glance when they are in for adjustments after mowing .

  I brought in the other unit ( 5410 # 1 ) today . The click adjuster where very hard to turn on the rear units . It started near the end of the season  . After a closer look I noticed that during adjustments sand and/or debris was pulled in causing the problem .Must have happen when I take the knives of to touch up on grinder . Next season I will be sure to blow the debris off the threads first . Three of the reel units where torn down . I have 1 on the grinder . After the spin grind I set up for the relief grind . The grind didn't sound right .It was also very lightly grinding right to left and a lot heaver from left to right .  After checking adjustments again I notice the gib plate on our foley 630 was slightly loose . There are 4 set screws that control the play . After the adjustments and truing up the stone I was back in business . A small video off what it should sound like in both directions .

Here is the pick of the adjustment made .

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