Sunday, October 30, 2011

TX Gator Bent Frame

 Left side bent in at least 2 inches .
 Also bent front frame and bumper in.

 Left front area also bent in .
Had to remove a lot of parts to straighten out . With a combination of heat , pry bars , hammers , bottle jacks I was able to get it back to < .5 inch .between dash and passenger seat . Notice the kink behind the passenger seat . What ever really happened it hit a tree really hard .
 As a new tech do not be surprised at damaged equipment being put away like this with no mention . It use to bother me a lot but now look at it as job security . I do a walk around equipment in the mornings and point out anything like this to the superintendent . It's up to the super to deal with staff, It is our job to get equipment repaired and put back out in service .
  This was a fairly new machine < 200 hrs. Apparently the new staff member panicked after sliding and loosing steering and hit the gas instead of the brake .

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