Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Selling Used Equipment on kijijji

We have been very fortunate in getting new equipment for the past few years . We have a couple of pieces kept for back up if need . The gear left over we decided to sell . They where still usable for some one else or another course . The year previous we sold off the Jac 3810's fairway units . This year I asked the super if we could get rid of some of the gear that we would never need again .  We decided on pricing/equipment and I took the pictures and wrote up descriptions and hrs.and advertised them on kijiji  for each machine . The super took care of the rest as calls/or e-mails came in . This past season  we managed to reclaim around $10,000.00 . Some pic's off gear . I'm a firm believer of get rid of equipment that was taking up valuable space in the storage building and I was happy that we  were able to do it .

Last machine sold just before the holidays . Just waiting for new gear to come in and we will have some old units to sell again soon . 

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