Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 Made a little stand to hold things in place .
 Removed cover , chains, check guides etc .( Left side )There is a small collar with a pin through it on the reel shaft against the bearing . 
 I put a couple of screw drivers in drums so I can get the nut off the drum .Your going to need a long deep socket or make one up by cutting a socket in half and weld a piece of tubing in between . I think they where 1- 1/8 or 1- 1/16 Th .
 Some times the bearings need a little help getting removed . I put a bolt in the end of the shaft and give it a few taps to get it up enough to put the puller on . Should clean and buff off shaft before you even start .

 Here is My homemade jig in place holding the frame up . Right  side , 4 bolts , reel nut , drum nut , reel frame support bar and front roller and the handle clip/spring .I do it from this side because there are less parts to remove .
The bearing in the gear case side was worn , If you have it all apart like this it's wise to replace both ends including races and seals . 
 I made this tool to help tap the bearing in over the shaft . They are a tight fit . I also use it for seals . Just a piece of pipe with very large washers welded on .

Starting with #2 because the reel has some end play . I serviced the engine first , plugs, air filter , oil change , fuel stabilizer , oil in cylinder and leave at TDC or BDC so valves are closed clean fuel bowl and run carb dry after shutting valve off . .  Spent the rest of the day taking the cutting unit apart . The other 3 units will get regular service and will pull gear case side to check chain and guide wear .

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