Monday, October 17, 2011

Kubota 5040 on Rotary Lift

Doing a transmission and  filters change on our tractor. It was due for service for a while . Had the chance today to put it on the lift . Tractor is around 4300 lbs and the lift capacity is 7000 lbs . It's so far the biggest machine put on the lift . Does a little more grunting to get it up and lowers fairly fast . Noticeably heavier than the rough or fairway units . The cushmans and MDX trucksters  have the longest wheel base and pretty much max out the lift in length . Draining the oil and changing filters was a breeze ,very clean and easy , unlike last time I had to do it on the ground ( no lift) it was a pretty messy job .If your just changing transmission filters your going to have to be quick or drain and reuse hydro fluid .  The tractor had around 1500 hrs. and was due for a full check up , fuel filters cleaned or replaced , belts tightened , torque wheel nuts , clean battery connections etc. Just have the motor oil change left and front axle fluid . On our Kubota L4200 loader we seem to go through a lot of hubs so in the past few seasons I'd change the fluid in the front axle twice as often then recommended ( on both tractors )and posted notes in cab for staff to not drive it in 4WD on paved cart paths . It did make a big difference .

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