Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cushman Rear wheel cylinders

 Cushman  rear brakes . Remove the cotter pin and nut.
 The hub will sometimes come off easy .
 Pick with Wheel cylinder removed . If you have bolts for the new ones and the the ones on the machine are rusted badly just chisel them off .
 And here is a pick if it doesn't come off easy . I leave the nut loosely on the end of the axle just in case it's really stubborn  and I have to give the end of the puller a good smack with a heavy hammer . Leaving the nut on will help keep the axle shaft from spreading open.
 I got a new toy for bleeding brakes . It greats a vacuum so it will draw the air out . Great if your the only one in the shop .

Original problem was under the floor pan the debris builds up and rots the brake line going to the rear wheel . You can splice in a new piece to the master cylinder or replace the whole line . I had a real good time trying to free up the bleeders to get the air out after wards . I managed to get them loose with out snapping them off , The bleeders were pretty badly chewed up . I had to get new ones later .

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