Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Broken reel land repair

Cutting piecing in stock from an old bedknife

get it pretty close and weld in place

grinding out welds

Had one machine come in with almost new reels on it . Rear reel had 3 chunks out of it and one front one had 1 piece out of one . Instead of throwing it out I repaired it like this . It's our approach cut mower , cutting at .5 " . and I have done it in the past with good success . I used an old bedknife and cut the pieces out that I needed . I started off squaring up the breaks and used a stick welder with 1/16 th rod around 40 amps . to weld most of it in . on the cut side i turned the welder as low as i it would go so it wouldn't burn through . I also left the bedbar set up so I could grind of the extra . Then throw it on the grinder to finish off . My 3 broken lane jac reel cut all the way across like new afterwards .

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