Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PGM Transmission Casing

Got my parts in last Friday and spent an hour an a bit replacing transmission casing drum bushings , seal , spring washers etc. PGM was already torn down and waiting for parts for a few weeks . I'll finish it off tomorrow , I like waiting for the silicon to dry for 24 hrs. before I put the gear oil to it . It's already squared up ,I put the bedbar/ against the reel and placed a 1/4 piece of flat stock under the bedknife , and tapped it till I couldn't see light between bar . I removed drums from right side ( as if mowing ) . 1 note is that when you take the gears out from the case .....To get the part off that holds the 3 gears you have to use an allen key through the fill hole to get the set screw out and after you get that one out there is another one to get out . Yes 2 set screw stacked on top of each other . Other than that not to bad a job . I should have took more pic's but my hands where a little to greasy . I'll add to it later on I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a few more .

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