Monday, July 25, 2011

Sod Cutter Trailer


A video of how easy it is to transport and load on .

Material list

I started out by laying out the frame on the shop floor to figure out what angles to cut of the rough stock cuts . 
I slide the axle under the rear to see where the rear section of framing will go . 
Next I tacted in the box frame sections . 
The rear I used the U stock for better axle support plus in this business the wheel/hub may get ripped off by a tree or bridge . Makes for and easy change of axle if needed .You could just weld it to the frame if you wanted . Also this is my first one . I would use large C clamps to hold the uprights in place and pre try it on sod cutter before drilling the holes . Also if your using taller tires it will change where the uprights will be . Keeping it closer to the ground will make it more stable and easier to pull sod cutter onto trailer . 
The uprights If I make another one would use 1/4" flat stock next time . 

A little paint and done for around $500 .

 Close up of how it attaches to sod cutter . These are the actual factory pick up area for this sod cutter . The U channel below was to keep the wheels in place so it doesn't rock . Some times the depth of cut may keep it from fully loading so you may have to unadjusted .

I made one of these from pic's posted from fellow tech's . With a little practice and basic welding skills this turned out to be a great project . All the staff were amazed how easy it was to use . The biggest trick was to find the right balance with the uprights by moving them closer to the front or back  to be able to pull it down .

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