Monday, July 25, 2011

Found It

Back in February 2010 we had a tractor stolen from our sister course and was missing for sometime . We found it and I helped them out getting the tractor out of the swamp . At first look ,it didn't look hopeful?? The tech from the other course got some heavy duty chain and we wrapped them around a group of trees and used a cum-along to wrench it out . The new course guys chain sawed the ice away from the tractor . Eventually  we managed to wedge some boards around the rear wheels and it started to pull free. After it was out we put a tarp on it and put a salamander under to thaw it out . I had to leave for hockey but they managed to start it and drive it back to the course . Just in time too , the next day we had over 20 cm. of snow . That was an exciting and different day .

A good half mile back in the woods .

Any deeper in the swamp and the engine would have been toast.

Was feeling hopeless.

Then it broke free

Once we got the back wheels up it was smooth sailing from there 

A good hour of a propane heater going thawed the controls out enough to start . 

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