Thursday, July 28, 2011

Foley Pump moved

I hated the fact that the water stayed in the grinder while it was not being used . I moved the pump to a container under the the grinder . Now I have the pump suspended in a piece of Styrofoam to float the pump in the liquid . This latest plan came from our gardener .

In 2014 I'm going to this set up 

Every course I'm sure can get these buckets from the kitchen . The pump is sitting on a brick inside bucket .

Also covered up the old location

Best thing ever .No more tray of water . Liquid just circulates by going down the hose attached in the drain location into bucket .The bucket is easily removed for cleaning or replacing . If you have a problem on first start up for the season ..remove hose on grinder and let it run under the water level . it will pick up the flow almost right away . 

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