Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Grease .........................Bar none

We use swepco 103 here for the past 4 to 5 years . With the exception of sealed bearings we have lost next to zero bearings . Previously we use do complete tear down on reels every winter now I just check them by feel and so far so good .To give you an idea on savings ...... 2 - 3810's seals bearings races including rollers $1000.00. I think the little bit more I pay is well worth it , that doesn't count for a weeks wages to do the two machines .     Also starting to use the 306 motor oil , which covers my diesels and gas engines . I replace it once a year ( seasonal )and only change the filters as needed . I'm planning to get some oil test done on some of our bigger hard working machines and see were we are at for performance of the oil and would like to figure out how much longer I can leave it in for . Just top up all season as needed . The vangaurds with their shorter change out times I'm going to change as per manual for now . I'm trying the hydro oil in a couple of my old GK IV and find they are running cooler . One of the GK IV has over 9000 hrs.

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