Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Things I've Learn about worn QA5 reels adjustments

We have 2 of the 2500 E mowers . Great light weight greens mowers I find . The offset wheels and cutting units work great to help with triplex ring if your not walk mowing clean up cuts as we do here at The Links at Brunello .
Recently had a HOC adjuster spring not keeping tension on bed bar to reel adjustment . After asking around and getting some feed back from some of the techs on Twitter I measured my reels for wear . Using a seamstress  measuring tape and divide  by PI  I was just over the minimum recommended spec for flipping bedknife pivot points . 
You can also buy a PI tape but I'm showing options.
14.86 diveded by  3.14 = 4.73 . Recommend to flip at 4.8"

pretty easy process just remove here and clean up then flip them to other side . 

Notch facing up on reel in mow position . 

Recommend loosening grass shield and turn about 45 quarter turns on adjusters to get you close to new setting . 

The operators manual states to drop front roller setting one notch but if your at 2 and #1 is not recommended in manual for HOC then stay at #2. I found out the hard way . 
These next steps are for Higher HOC . Cutting at greens height at .1000 is NOT recommended to go to #1 setting  

But if you have to it's also an easy process . Loosen pinch bolt and front roller mounting bolts .

Marks are on the side 

You might need to give them a tap here

I'll also recommend at change over going with a new bedknife . 

Bolts almost lined up at 45 quarter turns

Set up cut 

Readjust HOC

I use a regular drill till get it close 

Resquaring reel with front roller

HOC is really low . My only option was setting bedknife on bar a squaring front edges on it . Only one reel was a hair off 

these are for squaring reels . Makes quick work of it .

 I remove the bar for final adjustments . do each side independently . 

Post the ugly . Yes I do mess things up once in a while . This is what happened after following instructions for bedknife bolt pivots . Reel to far into canopy before bedknife . 

After corrections this is the QOC I was chasing for . 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

JD 7400 rear roller wear

We use one of 7400 mowers for doing tree side cart path edges . Saves a lot of hand mowing labor . The slope of the cut makes the roller ride on the cart path edge accelerating wear on roller tube . The tube was not available for purchase from the dealer so I gave the rough dimensions to Metals R Us and they were able to match it fairly close . 

Spec of tube stock I used . 

 Worn out roller tube . 

Pulling shaft out 

Cutting the new tubing at 22"

Make sure ends a squared off 

Had to bevel the inside a bit and grind a little out inside before assembling 

Piece of rod makes quick work to punch ends off old tube . watch you don't punch in center ruining the inner seal . rotate 180 degrees back and forth and side to side to force it out . 

End cap I buffed off any debris 

I just pile drive it by hand on a solid surface rotating a quarter turn every hit . 

 Reinstall shaft etc . and done . All 3 took a few hours but well worth the trouble 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

HDXD easy cheap RAD Guard

Yes didn't like these guards anyway . 
Kept falling of or getting snagged and torn off . 

This is they way I found it . 

Easy repair . I took 2- 2500 spent bedknives and used bolts to attach them in mounting holes using washers to take up the bushing whole size . Then simply remove battery cables and weld a 1/2 " mesh that I had laying around the shop .

And paint . Easy to blow out or wash now . 

TCA 25900 line JD 8800/7500 fix

We have a John Deere 8800 that was here first during grow in . It has an issue that started last season with the TCA25900 line sheering off . Replaced it twice and decided to post it on Twitter to see if it has happened to some one else before . Only took a short time and Daniel L Barns  (@DannoDoes) had the answer I was looking for . Funny how you can trouble shoot and redesign things to prevent recurring problems and the fix was so easy . The problem is this machine has developed a slight flex in frame or something . ( we have 5 units with this line and this is the only one with an issue ) and is twisting the steel line back and forth ever so slightly till it snaps . It may take 6 months or 6 weeks . 

The Beast logging lots of hours for us (2149 hours )

I like them very comparable to the Toro 4300 I had at the last course . Smaller decks are great if you have lots of hilly areas.

Best way I found to get this nut off is to go in where line is and pull onto nut . 

Ratchet straps are great to pull decks away on work areas .t 

Some time you have to go to the past to fix the future . Lol anyone remember the LF 100 all hoses some 15 feet long I'm guessing. 

They are snapping directly after this nut 

New line going in 

Maybe get a long 90 here . There is enough room .It was close .

One of the old broken lines .

Easy fix . check for leaks . Also no fluid will come out of this section when changing over . 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Toro Reel Master 3555 D demo

I've heard great things about this model and glad to see it and try it out in person on this course .Over all great demo easy to clean . Very nice after cut appearance on our bent fairways . 

Bullet proof 3 cylinder kubota diesel . Also so under the HP rating for Tier 4 compliance . Your going to see a change in next set of buys I do believe . Not many people are impressed by tier 4 issues at this time . Down time is not an option when grass is growing .

This is about the only thing I don't like . If your fueling stations on this side I'm sure it the hydraulics will get topped up with diesel .This issue has been going on for years . Should be hidden or at least put a LOCKING cap on them . 

The 3 wheel design left little to no wheel marks in the after cut appearance here . Was a little skeptical on its climbing abilities on our hills but passed with flying colors . I personally took it out a few time . Shut off on me on a few up hills but I'm thinking its the weight distribution on the seat . Might just need a seat adjustment . 

Wish I had taken more pictures . Over all I would say for me personally the nicest Light weight fairway unit I've been on  .

A little walk around video off the 3555D

Well done . easy service , easy clean , great traction even with smooth tires .

Sports Metal Brush Demo review

Matt from Nova Turf drop this brush kit to demo on our JD 2500 E.

Brush is made by Sports Metal . Nice simple effective design . Easy to remove if needed .

 A few pictures on machine 

 pins just slide in here . The cut out is to by pass light mount .

Ride on the basket . Pretty light very little bounce.

The wheel out front are there to prevent brushed from bouncing when working on green . I did try it with out them to quickly put them back on afterwards . The operator found the wheels were hitting the cups occasionally . I mention he should line cup in middle on first cut or in the case of the practice area slow down a bit so the brush will flex up enough so wheels are not touching . 

 Nice after cut appearance . We are pretty impressed with the brush . Also the JD 2500 E has been a great mower on our greens  .1000 "hoc

Like any golf course marketed product a little pricey but I think this ones a keeper . 

Video of it in action .