Friday, May 11, 2018

toe in and steering wheel alignment (update )

Made this jig up from shop scraps today.

I get a fair amount of bumped off center steering wheels and bent A arms on the front end

I check them by running a string from tripods and clip on bars around rear tires and back . The string has to be center to the rim and barely touch both sides of tire on rears . That will let you see what adjustments you need .

Today I fabbed up these brackets to bolt to lift

One for each side . They will be adjustable and easier to use .

Take the measurements of the front rim .Making it quick adjust will speed things up for sure .

No more tangles . I'll be wrapping it around this pulley . It will be easy to pull out and use now .

I'm sure I'll be trying it out soon . 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Toro Pro Force Dual tanks

The power of twitter and sharing /seeing ideas . I recently came across a few post from Brian Bressler that I thought are great and practical problem solving fixes we face on the course . 

Yes the dual tank on a pro force idea . Toro pro force works great but is hard on fuel .guys might get 1.5 to 2 hours out of them and have to carry a jerry can = more chance of fuel spillage plus they seem to run out at the furthest distance from the shop . When I seen Brians post and how we moved the shut mechanism I had to try the build . 

Made a template from Pics on the twitter.

The diamond plate I had left over worked great . 

Tip he had for good action on belt movement was to also move the little bearings . 

Picked up a gravity fed tank at Princess Auto for 35$

Laying out ideas to weld to frame .

Trying to keep fuel caps at the same level . The tanks are both vented . 

Getting ready to weld framing in .

A few picks .

Had some Canadian hardwood to level things up with and it will pad the tank .

Nuts for anchors front and back .

Here it is in action . We found out that it will draw from the gravity fed tank first instead of the ideal both at the same time . Brian installed a shut off valve to go in line from the new tank and keeping it half closed was enough to create enough drag so it will pull from both tanks . 
valves installed . take it for a rip later and see if tanks draw down the same .

Perfect drawing from both tanks now .

Sunday, May 6, 2018

3 point hitch Rental cart tow truck .

Have been seeing lots of tow type retrieving gear on twitter lately . Tried a few designs , some sort of copies to what I've seen but to my surprise they all failed . Either it was to long and folded up or it was strong enough but tow vehicles suspension couldn't handle it well . Also having the issue of wheels rolling off the tray on sharp turns . Big learning curve and a hard build for sure . I had thought originally after seeing one on Hectors shop to do it for a 3 point hitch on the tractor . Should have stuck with my original thought . '

First attempt has no issues with picking up rental cart for towing but still didn't turn enough to keep unit on tray . Plus a hydraulic top link will be a big bonus . 

Couple of shots on 3 point hitch first try build . 

Had a couple of rental carts in the shop to try it out on . 

Found it didn't swing far enough before hitting tray section . 

So It was lowered and hopefully will try on Monday . I'm thinking the wheels will still have to be strapped on . Will see . Picked up a hydraulic top link to . 

Finally success ! Hard Build to figure it out . 

A bunch of pics at different angles . paint time .

Basic list of materials . Double check cuts before cutting . It's just an out line . I built mine mostly out 1/8" but feel 1/4" would be better . The only thing I would have changed is in pick above maybe take section on top link and put it in front of uprights and weld tabs with holes facing up for top link . 

Couple of videos . works pretty good . I'll keep a 1" strap to wrap one wheel to tray . 

Toro 1600 poor traction /hard to pull backwards

I've been battling this occasional problem of machines being hard to pull backwards or no traction since new .I have 2015 vintage mower ( pretty sure they are ). All 4 have the same model numbers .But 2 of them have slight differences 

Notice the shine mark on the belt guide . This ones to high and when engaged will hit cover preventing it from engaging all the way plus will also make them hard to pull back .  

Did adjusts them originally as per the operator hand book we have here . Down a little further made the troubled ones work as they should . 

Notice the step jack 

Must have been changed mid season .

Same for the belt drives 

A bit different . 

One of the Guys on Twitter mention that this is one good reason to give your serial # too when ordering parts . 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Garbage can carrier ( Twitter find )

Seen a similar item on Twitter this past winter . Had just enough left over material for the build 

Mocking up a tray for the cans .

 Easy build . Had to step it up so it wont drag on some of our cart path hills . 

Looks good ready to weld up 

Used the old spinner paddles for handle hooks . Had the right curve to keep them in place . Screen welded in place for bottom of tray.


And painted . 

Easy build great ideas . Guys are making comments already . 

Lots of great ideas out there . 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hectors Shop Grease gun modification

Watch Hectors Shops video .
The idea is to remotely mount gun so your not having to deal with the extra weight . Frees up a hand to grease too . I do a fair amount of greasing so it will save wear and tear on my hands and wrist . 


 First step was to run 2 wires of the switch on the gun . Pretty easy to remove side cover . I trimmed a bit of overlapping plastic inside ( inside thumb area ) so wires didn't get pinched . 

Ordered another 18" extension and stainless steel couplers to attach them together . I have about 4' in length now but may go another length if it works out for me . 

Nice insulated 2 way switch .

 Running the wire for the switch 

Using connectors with the shrink wrap built in . 

I made a hook for now to try out . You can usually find a spot on machine to hook it up to use .

And done .

Working on a few rollers for a customer grind job it was pretty nice to hook it on my tool box .

About 1 to 1.5 hours to convert.