Saturday, March 23, 2019

Toro 5800 Boom lighting for night spraying

My Super" Chris "had a challenge for me to get some sort of lighting so we can see spray patterns at night in case a nozzle gets plugged . ( spot checking ) we where thinking of some sort of bar hanging out the rear with lights pointing back at booms . Great idea but my experience with any thing hanging past booms would eventually get backed into something . I had another Idea to run by Chris . 

 First I like to rust proof the underside of sprayers once a year for preventive rust management .

After doing a little research on LED lighting I found these exterior use LEDs at Princess Auto . Cleaned them out but will get more later .

 Comes with brackets that bolt to shroud . They have a really good gripe on the light bar . 

Mounting 2 to wings and one to center booms . LED light shortage . Would like 3 more to install at a later date .

Really impressed at how bright they are . I know pigment might or will get on them . That's fine wipe them off during your flush . I think that even if some pigment gets on them you should still be able to see the spray . The're that bright . 
 Wiring a switch to put in dash . I had overhead lighting already wired into front lights but Spray tech said their was enough light and didn't need it . So reusing that line and running it to the rear I'm able to fuse switch it separately if they want from lights .  

Lots of switch plugs . Nice clean install . A little advertising for Veseys to lol .

 Fuse accessible through glove box . Leave fuse out till your done wiring everything in . 

 I think this may be a keeper . looken pretty promising .

Working as a team gets things down and enjoyable . 

Hydraulic cylinder rebuild head aches

Rebuilding this cylinder .But my gland nut tool I have doesn't go that small.
pin holes are only 1/8"

Sometimes its just easier to take them to hydraulic shops for repair . 

No issues getting cylinder off . It was weeping oil out the dust seal .So It's in the shop And have time for the repair 

Some times you have to make the tool to remove nut .Endcap nuts can be impossible to remove . Large washers are left over from some of my groomer builds . Inside where already 1" but had to grind a little more out . Made a template out to drill holes for harden steel pins I ordered .

I have a few of these for adjusting tension on shocks on equipment . 

 Just grind the nub off

Washer where stacked 3 thick before holes are drilled and pins installed .Weld handle to washers . 

Surprised at how solid it fit on 

I'm using a little heat incase there may have been sealant put on threads when assembled . propane did the trick sometimes you have to break the oxy/act out to get them free.

Pretty happy that it came loose . 

Double check kits 

Laid out new seals under old . There were many differences

Dust seal was different but wasn't to concerned since it may have been up graded. New one was an O-ring

Mine also has this extra hard ring that sits on top of O-ring. Not in new kit ?

And then this old O-ring is at least 3 times bigger than the one in the kit .

Double checked cylinder #s

and parts break down .
They where all right . Had to reorder seal kit and asked dealer to double check with Toro to see why they are different. I really don't want to get the same wrong kit . Packaging looks like its pick elsewhere for Toro . Might be just a picking error . It will get sorted out eventually.

Just one of those things that come up in this business .  

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Toro 648 night lights

Andrew and I are going to make a couple of stands for lights to attach to Toro 648 aerators 

My students helping out with the design and doing all the welding.

Nice lights from Princess Auto on sale 

Cutting out the uprights 

Moved both aerators in from cold storage 

Quickest way was to weld it to this framing and it's handy to the power source.

finishing up one of the stands 

While waiting for paint to dry He might as well learn a new skill.

We cut up brake line stock to use in practicing making double flares 

Excellent first try . Perfect dimple . First step in double flaring lines 

After attachment was removed use just the tool to finish the job . Handy skill to know !

Back to lighting up 648's

Removed battery and loosened of control panel to get a good weld 

Trying it out with gator clips direct to battery . Waiting for switches and inline fuses to show up . 

Guys using them can make the final adjustments next time they go out . Lights up a pretty big area . We wanted the lights elevated because some areas drop off fairly steep

Wiring up the second set while paints drying .He's getting pretty good . 

Welding up the second one just in time before end of shift. Andrew accepted a position on the crew and will be a good fit . Will be nice to have a helper when I need one or a second set of eyes that can do some repairs . May be train him up to service and repair carts as needed .Small stuff like repairing bent up front ends ...adjusting brakes ect . 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Toro HDXD tail lights upgrade

We have 3 units . Replaced 2 lights assemblies between all 3 machines in 3 seasons .
You get them all working and after a few bumps one or the other loose a brake light etc . I know who cares it's just golf stuff right until somebody runs into the top dresser bending the spinners . 
Anyhow I like to keep it as I received it for as long as I can . 

Winter work goal … do something about this lighting system

 Cheap see the notch for the pin it wouldn't be a problem if there was one for the other pin !!

Hit a good bump with a loaded box and they bump off loosing contact sometimes .

Only notched for one  pin .

Last time doing this on the top dresser . 

Ordered sealed units from lawsons .

Bulb goes … throw it away and get a new one . new wiring harness just snaps in .

Had to do a little  modification on bracket

Direct soldered wires together . For me it's the only way . So far zero fail . wrap the electrical tap in two directions while its hot . 

Cut the original bracket

Welded to new bracket

Like so


Panicking on the grommet . They finally came in .

Push grommet in then light all the way . 

Bigger … Brighter and fingers crossed no issues . 

Rear LEDs wired off tail lights . 

A pair cost less than one OEM light assembly .