Friday, December 7, 2018

Toro greensmaster 1600 drum bearings (student work)

Great project for my student to tackle . Lots going on with dismantling drums etc. 

Project ,replace all drum bearings and seals . 

Lots of parts ..some left hand threads . Some parts look like they come off a certain way but they don't . 

Wasn't planning on this repair . But I can show him how he could repair this if needed

Other than threads their supposed to look the same 

Finished dismantling and replaced bearing and seals in center hub . 

He's a pretty good welder so I let him tackle filling in the groove . 

Showed him a trick  by using a marker and sliding bearing on and off show where it needed to be filed down . We mixed up some metal based epoxy for imperfections on shaft . While we were waiting for it to cure a bit I explained that you can multi task if you have a few jobs on the go and trying to avoid down time . 

So he replaced a couple of badly chaffed hoses on one of our 7400

Showed him that by placing tripods under front decks you can force rear deck down for easy access for repair . He thought that was pretty cool . 

Finish a light filling and start assembling. Repaired part looks great . 

Lining up mounting holes and knocking it in place with blocks of wood .
Telling the student it's great to keep some wood blocks around to help protect and hold parts on jobs around the shop .

assembling drums together

 After he was done we drug out the levelling plate and showed him how the right side was adjustable to square reel and drum .
 Not to bad a job but was a great teaching tool for sure .

Below are picks of another machine that I had an outside bearing go and didn't notice that possible the inside ones might have been damaged too . This is the reason behind replacing all bearings while it's apart . That way everything gets inspected and you will avoid future down time on this unit. 

Had a  couple of hours to start building TX gator head protectors . 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

JD TX gator head protection and accessory rack

During the season we keep an Eye out to see if we can make things better,safer, and more efficient .

Chris  ( Superintendent ) was concerned  for the guys (and gal) driving away from play having to look back for errant shots . So we came up with this plan to speed things up and make it safer . 

Students in today so after tackling bearing and seal replacement on a Toro greensmaster 1600 there was a little time for this project. Cutting out the measurement I relayed to him .  

A little reminder to drill holes out before welding together . It's much easier to use the drill press .

Materials all cut to size . For safety reasons I cut the mesh to size with cut off wheel . Already for paint 

This morning I'm doing a mock up of adding a few gear holding options . 
I've made snipper holders in the past but could never figure out an easy to use system on the TX gator . If it's not easy to use your wasting your time and money because the crew will not use it after leaving the shop .

Finally the head screen made sense to mount side hooks for trimmers 

Holding everything in place with vise gripes till its figured out 

Even made a mount to keep hand blowers out of the dump bed . There getting beat up pretty bad from bouncing around . 

 Looking good 

Welding in hooks etc.

Pick of parts for 2 more racks . Student will make a bunch more next week . 

Material list . Around 40 to 50 $ and about 1.5 to 2 hours of time . 

A few more pics

 Bolting the first one on after paint dried 

Small vide of a walk around . Turned out great . It was a very easy build with a mig welder .

Monday, December 3, 2018

TX Turf Gator Gasket leak repair

This season I had 2 of these engines start leaking crankcase gaskets . I've had similar issues with Vanguards in the past and really didn't have much luck finding a permanent fix. Not going to get into much detail about removal etc. Just about what I'm doing to resolve the problem .The cause I believe is from vibration from clutch when the machines working hard on take off . 

Model # etc . for ordering gaskets . You should also replace the crankshaft seal to while it's apart.

Easy to take out . Less than a half hour with a lift.

Clean the engine bay out before replacing engine .

Here is the leak . Yes those bolts have just back off from vibration 

I'm using a shaft of a grade 8 bolt with a fine thread 9/16" bolt to pop drive clutch off . After the second machine started to leak I ordered the proper puller from JD . If you can get one from somewhere else I would suggest doing so . JD doesn't really want to sell you the tool but would rather have you bring machine in for them to repair I was told??? Ah That's what I'm hired to do here at my course !! I like their gear but they needlessly make it hard for me to do my job .  Took quit a while to get one . But I wasn't in a hurry either.

Also one bolt vibrated in two. Busted section just threaded out so it wasn't cross threaded.

There was a discussion once about possibly the bolts were slightly longer than the bore .So I remembered and decided to look into this theory . 

In this case the bore was plenty deep . An after thought for me was maybe air gets trapped in the non through bores causing a false torques.

One of the techs was replacing the bolts with new zinc coated ones with excellent success. I took it one step further and trying these low torque double locking washers . Not cheap but If I'm not redoing this machine again will be well worth it . 

 Torqued them to JD spec and they where good all summer . I did notice one had a leak under it and thought for a minute …. here we go again . On closer inspection noticed the oil filter had loosened off . 

Next crankcase seal job I'll come back and redo this post with more details . 

Friday, November 23, 2018

Bi seasonal rack

Here at The Links at Brunello we have 2 seasons .We're getting geared up for the winter wonderland season .
Chris wanted to see what I could come up with for a 2 season rack to go on our XUV 855.Using Milk crates we could switch from irrigation to snow making gear in minutes.

Using the lift to start lining things up .

Raising it up and down made quick work to frame it up 

Light bulb moment . Might as well use shop camera for pictures 

Frame done . starting to lay out shelves to hold tools and milk crates

Chris added a few ideas into the build . 

It will hold 9 crates for winter and 7 for summer season 

Welding in hose hooks for rear and a center beam to lift off machine if needed

Welding everything up .
Al made with 2"x 2" angle carbon steel 

 couple of videos 

Making room for everything needed in irrigation

Tool box dropped right in

Figuring out the piping for sleaving tools .

After paint its done . lower left will have irrigation left over pipe to sleeve racks / shovels /valve keys etc . Right side bottom opening is for compressor 

Strapped down good so I can tip it up for service