Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hectors Shop Grease gun modification

Watch Hectors Shops video .
The idea is to remotely mount gun so your not having to deal with the extra weight . Frees up a hand to grease too . I do a fair amount of greasing so it will save wear and tear on my hands and wrist . 


 First step was to run 2 wires of the switch on the gun . Pretty easy to remove side cover . I trimmed a bit of overlapping plastic inside ( inside thumb area ) so wires didn't get pinched . 

Ordered another 18" extension and stainless steel couplers to attach them together . I have about 4' in length now but may go another length if it works out for me . 

Nice insulated 2 way switch .

 Running the wire for the switch 

Using connectors with the shrink wrap built in . 

I made a hook for now to try out . You can usually find a spot on machine to hook it up to use .

And done .

Working on a few rollers for a customer grind job it was pretty nice to hook it on my tool box .

About 1 to 1.5 hours to convert. 

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