Wednesday, March 7, 2018

TX gator secondary buttons install

subject has come up mon a few forum post .I thought I'd post what I do .
Some guys where removing them and taking them apart . This is a much easier way. You could remove exhaust tip and do it on a bench but I haven't tried it .

Worn down quit a bit . Wont last the next season . Only the one side wears . The button kit has all the buttons . 

 Actually done the same way as the instructions that come with the kit

Remove the top lift mount 

Then strap it back so it doesn't knock you on the head . makes for easy access.

only takes a second to remove mud flap for easier access .

 I'm removing this guard for pictures . The rear bolt is easier to take off from the underside .

Have to do starter brushes too so I'm just remove this one to .

Slide belt off.

Have a bit of a bum hand this week so I was able to hold it steady with a pry bar and pull up on inside one to wedge a small 3/8 extension between buttons on one section . This way 2 of them can be done then reposition to do the last one . On a second note you might be able to pinch a large vise - grip on outside one and let it hit the rear end to jamb it . ( haven't tried that yet )

Now using a pic and small screwdriver .Ill wedge it out .  

Sometimes they will break

don't panic you can push it down with a pic or blow it out with air , wear safety glasses if your blowing it out . 

now install the new one . square it up and wedge it down using ramps and a small pry bar. Try to keep it centered or you may snap the end off . Which I have done before . Still installed a broken one with adhesive . The pressure from ramp will keep it in place . Haven't had any issues with them falling back out. 

Not much point but I'll change these ones to . They may get brittle anyway from heat .

Using a screw driver here with a twisting motion works best I find .

Same deal press in place 

 Move your wedge to finish the last one .

Look from the underside for the rear shield bolt if you decide to remove it . 

And done .

Almost . use dry graphite lube to reduce wear
. I spray it when I do oil changes . 

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