Thursday, March 1, 2018

Trap Rake storage

Looking around the shops for problem areas and finding homes for stray
items . We have lots of rakes even after they are put out on the course .

Taking up valuable space on commercial racking .

There in a few different areas and get knocked down often when try to get items of that we need during the season . Joel ( assistant )and Kyle( 2nd assistant/spray tech )
 wondered if we could come up with a solution to our little annoying problem .

Made up 5 hangers to use for rack anchors .

Made a 24' section today that will hold 50 to 60 rakes . Plan on making one or two smaller one to get most of them of the shelving in the shop .

 Kyle gave me a hand to hang this one . Usually I can figure something out do to jobs on my own ...but this thing was quit awkward. Looks good, plan on filling this wall from one end to the other on Monday .    

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