Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Toro HDXD front end play repair

We have 3 units here around 2015 vintage . I have notice when checking toe -in there is a lot of movement at least an 1" almost 2"on this one . I questioned the play when they were new machines but was only told to make sure they are well greased . So that's what I did and seemed to help for a bit.
Machines have 300 to under 600 hrs . Ones a top dresser . Not many hours for such an issue .  . 

Remove sheet steel behind seats , remove seats and all the handle ends and plate were they poke through . Lift seat section off to expose everything . I have the time today to figure out whats going on . 

This is how much trapped sand there is in steering and suspension . Most whats was left after the initial cleaning . Mostly USGA spec sand . 

I found the play to be on theses bearings mostly . Doesn't seem like much but a little here can equal and 1" at each wheel making it impossible to adjust toe - in .  Feel a little gritty !

After removing the seal the grease was impregnated with sand . I'm figuring that the position of the bearing on the machine and constant sand on them with the bearing moving back and forth it eventually wears through the seal letting sand in . ( in my opinion ) 

Left the ty-rods on when they were removed .

Baffling how much sand made it through the seal 

Off to the bearing store . 

Windshield washer container ???

New bearings easily installed . Ready to go back into machine . 

Oh the windshield washer container I trimmed down and put it here to make a little umbrella. My idea is to keep the sand off the bearing . 

Had to do this unit it's the one they use the most and has worn the front tires $$$ out .Still looking for the odd ball size .

Guys see the jack stands with a tire in center of flat plate for a second safety .You may want to pencil in a half day .If it comes apart easily or you can get at it with out removing seat cab it may take an hour . 

A little side view . took most of the play out . Some left on the bushings but should be able to get the toe in adjustment now . 

Part of the job ,new tech's . For me I don't see the point in replacing the bearing and do nothing to fix  or at least slow down the wear.

This post is not a color thing it's not even a problem thing . It's thinking outside the box to try to prevent an issue from happening so quickly again .

There is one good thing about Toro they do log in reports and evaluate from many sources to see if its any issue for concern . 
Excellent service for new machine warranties 99% of the time .

It was a little out . Good to go . I'll have to get the guys to blow water up in that area more often especially after hauling .

Have my top dresser on now same deal .All 3 machines need replacing . Looks like it can be done without removing seats etc .

Here is a video of silts and sand from only ONE bearing . Pretty sure sand is getting in the bushings to .Ill' have to try and figure something out next winter to prevent sand from getting in these area . Running out of time springs coming . Top dresser has 379 hours . machine this bearing came from 595 hours . My other unit has 433 hours . Very little hours . The machine with lesser hours are not showing tire wear but I'm expecting the 433 hour machine to start wearing tires out soon . Might have to go back and do that one if time allows . We're sand capped and run paved cart path only for carts mostly .

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