Saturday, January 27, 2018

Winter Wonderland

This off season in addition to the rink  were going to be playing Mother nature when we can . More of a learning year for making snow . 

Next season will have better access to water with service upgrades to accommodate the 2 large apartment complexes starting up soon . A little ways to go from 5 ponds . 

Snow making unit for air and water hook ups . Also boosts the water pressure .

Snow gun ready to fire up.

Need a compressor for air pressure .

Getting thinks geared up for the first time . Trial and error but I think we got it now 

Gear is brought back in to keep from freezing after use . 

Little tractor pto driven pump works well .

It's snowing . It needs to be at least -2 C

We are getting pretty good at set up and tear down and ironed out a few kinks for start up  . Hopefully we'll gear up a blade for the tracker ( mini snow cat ) next season so we can move snow around a bit . Snow guns are easily moved but would be nice to only have to move them once or twice . Will have an area big enough for a ski school in the winter season ....same as golf weather permitting .

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