Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dirty Sprayer revisited

Our sprayer stays in the warm side of my shop during the winter season ... it was rinsed out but side mix adding tank was not cleaned and full of chemicals . Exterior could have used a better cleaning .
Had a couple of mild days so decided to clean it myself . A little tour one side was pre cleaned for a test . I did rinse tank one more time before cleaning . Jacked pressure up high enough to release pressure valve .Then took the 2 outside nozzles out to finish flushing lines out at the same pressure . I did get some more debris out but was impressed that the new spray tech did a good flush before storage .

No need to buy expensive cleaners . Cheap bowl cleaner and magic erasers do a good job . Its that time of year on social media that this subject is talked about a fair amount .

Also used a little scrubber with extension handle to do inside of tank . I see guys getting inside tanks to clean . Don't do this you could get seriously hurt maybe fatally . The bowl cleaner is 10% hydrachloric acid .Smells nice and the thickener helps it stay on what your cleaning .But is dangerous to inhale.

Throwing in buckets of water to rinse tank out after cleaner set in for 10 minutes

 Turned out really well . light scrub ,let sit ,rinse and repeat to get areas missed . Wasn't a huge effort  .

Cleaned up nozzles and screens in my shop made ultra sonic cleaner

Turned out pretty good . blew them all out afterwards .

Same idea rub on with a scrubbier pad  and let sit . Rinse and hit areas that need a little more attention .

This pre-filter  installed last season worked out great keeping clumps out of nozzles .

Few more picks of booms

If you want less down time in the spring fixing clogging issues do to sediments hardening in lines then take the time on a mild winters day to give it a through cleaning .

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