Thursday, October 12, 2017

John Deere Park Brake adjustment

Operators manual and service CD have no mention of adjustments that can be made other than pedal neutral so traction pedals don't bind on application . 
One of my operators mentioned that his machine wouldn't hold with the park brake anymore . 
I check the linings and they seemed to have plenty of wear left in them .Checking in the parts book the brakes are only available as an assembly ? Asking the dealer about this they said there is a brake service kit available for $150 dollars CHEAPER ? Guys on the tech site showed the assembly to be 233.XX$ US . So for 143.00 $ Canadian (kit) a side you can rebuild your park brake . Another example of absurd pricing . (This is not a JD thing all colors do it ) so when ordering parts always ask how much no matter what it is . To me this pricing is way out of line and the brake pads should be available.  

After taking a closer look at the brake I could see were an adjustment could be made .

In this area I'm pointing to there are washers and shims for the actuator . Maybe the shims are available because there is a break down of individual parts for purchase .  

Taking a few shims out and replacing it with a washer 

few picks of parts . keep track of how they go back together

First attempt I didn't take shims out and it was snug on disc . Taking 2 a side out did the trick . 

As good as new holds well on slops now . 

Sometimes in this field you have to figure it out yourself . When the park brake pads are worn down to far i'll be resurfacing them myself if the hardware looks good .


Well I managed to get one more season out of one of the 2 units . Now it's time to replace them .
The brake pads are still not available .You have to buy the caliper assembly for $400 + a side ?!! or when your jaw drops to the ground you may get offered a caliper rebuild kit for ONLY $200 + a SIDE.
Ran it by the student that drops in every Wednesday at a guess . He figured $150.00 for both .

All Ridiculous Quotes .

Not understanding why you can't buy the wearable item . Hardware still all good even the slides have little wear . Springs still work great . I don't get it . 

A bunch of pics at different angles for reassembly.

Pretty much dead center are shims .

Found a local guy that sold friction material . Picked up enough to do both machines and maybe some TX gators for a whooping $10.00

Trying 2 adhesives people have tried on-line  

JB weld set up solid and marine epoxy may take a little longer to set up .
Took a little while to make adjustments with washers and after extending park brake rod it worked out great .
$4.00 Canadian is a far cry from $800.00 plus taxes or $400.00 + tax minimum.
These kinds of pricing could very much determine future purchases if you don't have A good EM.
We do love are 2500 E great greens mowing units .

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