Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Toros bedknife angle indicator mount

Recently I went to a Toro seminar over at Veseys . Seen this pretty neat tool for checking and getting the right angle on the bedknife . Toro also sells a digital gauge but the the one I have will do fine .  

Part# 131-6829

Playing around with it . Magnets pretty strong . 

Best grip on the top face . 


Digital gauge I found on amazon 

I'm just going to use the top face for measuring . Mount the angle gauge on after initial top face angle grinding position on the wear area . To get the 4 degrees I'm looking for I'll have to subtract from (-)side of angle finder. looking for 86 degrees. No matter what the bedbar wear is it's always going to be that angle . Remove gauge and finish set up .Doesn't compensate for reel wear  but I'm sure the factory measurements were pre determined for that . 

Top face not ground yet just showing that gauge on same position to get front face angle . 
Pretty impressive to see a few degrees difference between my dial indicator and Bernhards adjustable dial gauge .

After grinding 4 x 1600 Toros and a Jd 2500 everything set up with little to no contact .

Small investment for big gains . I like it !!.

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