Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stihl on JD learning Curve Verticutters 7500

Thought I'd post this one from last summer . Some of our verticutters seemed pretty tight and hard to spin while others the plates seemed loose . I get a chuckle out of this find . In the past I've worked on Jac a Toro verticutters . They both had solid shafts and after changing blades you tighten the nut till you got the play out of the plates . 

Looks like its solid . I did snug up the loose ones .

Then one one set I noticed that the more I tried to snug up the loose plates the harder it was to spin ???

After closer inspection I found that the ends are separate pieces roll pined on . 

Takes very little torque on the nut to cut the pins off . 

Not a big deal but did learn something new to me . 

And thought I'd pass it on .

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