Thursday, August 4, 2016

XUV 550 crankcase gasket replacement reassembling

XUV 550  S4 in for the second time for the same problem . Seems this machine has issues with crankcase bolts backing out of the Briggs & Stratton 570 vanguard and causing the engine to leak oil and or blow the crankcase gasket . I'm not to impressed with doing the same a job twice . Although it's not to bad it's very time consuming and involves a lot of parts to be removed to get engine out . After talking to JD they recommended to replace gasket and bolts . ( Bolts couldn't be located in a timely manner ?)and torque bolts to 150"lbs . Lots of pictures below mostly showing reassembly . 

Pretty much have to remove rear section of machine . Starting with dump box ,rear seats and framing . Also remove most the the body panels .The one on passenger side below seat can stay on and rear area on same side .

Next exhaust shroud . cables , fuel lines ,enclosed belt housing clutches , aluminium plate that ties engine to transmission . engine mount bolts exhaust etc . lots of bolts to remove . I had 4 magnetic trays full .  

And its out in less than 2 hours the second time around . If you look closely every single bolt were loose, 5 were back completely out ???no idea .Everything was torqued to spec I even loctite the bolts . I'm thinking this engine is solid mounted deep inside enclosed machine vibrating causing some sort of harmonics bouncing off frame back into the engine . No idea it is the weirdest thing I've seen yet and seen it twice . 

A few pictures of parts removed for job .

and more 

and some more .

Found the exhaust shield broken . The mig did a quick job of repairing it . 

Got an idea to make rubber gaskets from old Carlisle smooth tire . Hoping it will absorb any vibrations to solve my problem. 

Template for engine 

cut out 

and installed 

also had to make one for under axle housing . Keeping it even so the clutch shield can be reinstalled easily 

Took a little doing but manage to get it in . I wedged under axles with hardwood till gasket went in place . 

Last time I used loctite (Blue ) after recommendation from a friend that has had great results in this situation using this product . Basically loctite on steroids . Not quite the application it was design for but I'm looking for a permanent solution .  

Taking pictures of governor springs etc , can save some headaches on reassembly . 

This go around I'll be chasing the threads clean with tap and die set . 

Clean with brake clean and blow out . ( wear eye protection )

Clean up crankcase cover 

Gasket sealer on both the block and cover and put together with new crank seal and crankcase gasket

Loctite all the bolts before installation

Torque to spec using Briggs instruction on bolt pattern sequence . 

repaired shield and exhaust put back on 

Only time there is lots of room to get engine in . 

Left engine and rear end axle housing bolts loose

until the aluminium shield can be installed in place joining engine to rear axle housing 

Hooking up grounds and wiring 

Governor springs all back in their locations . 

I cap any opening to prevent debris getting in . Hooking up choke

loosely lay the lower belt shroud in place so the clutches can be installed . 

Torque to spec . JD has a torque sequence for them . Installing the belt also helps hold the pulleys .

Here is my answer to a problem and it has to be said about the confusing parts PDF multiple #'s I see very often in many applications (belts,cables,tools,brakes etc...etc... )

The first time we had to replace crankcase gasket there was 2 choices of clutch puller and after waiting a while we received the wrong one .... ordered according to serial numbers etc . After a few texts and PMs from twitters friends and forums I was able to make a puller . Worked very well .

Lower belt shroud can be forced in place and bolted to plate . You can also torque rear end and motor mount bolts down . 

a different angle shot

installing top belt shroud and exhaust guard . 

seat framing and fuel tank put back in their places 

more pics from different angles

carburetor intake hose

Then lower air filter case .

reinstalling body panels . Don't tighten everything up till all the bolts and panels are in place . 

Almost done 

seats and fold down rack put back in 

Started right up first click . Less noise and vibration for sure . It use to sound like an all out dirt bike . Now we should be able to keep it idling in play . 

All comments made above are my own . The green gear is doing a tremendous job for us on the course with few issues , no more than any other color . 

Free PDFs to repair your gear and parts books that are less confusing at the golf industry/sports field level would up your game .....just saying!   From the trenches .

Great summer so far ,course is looking fantastic ,hope everyone is having a great season for use seasonal guys where halfway there . 

Coming soon AGSA  Scramble 

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  1. Update .. just before trade in I noticed bolts still backing out !! One of the guys had a great thought . “Maybe the bolts are a little long and are bottoming out . Food for thought for next time I come across this issue .