Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pro core trailer add on .

After helping out with some tee and collar aeration recently I found it a little cumbersome at times getting the trailer back on the tow vehicle .  Rob and I where discussing an idea for a better system . Looking at the T0r0 trans pro 80 in front of us made total sense to apply the same set up  .

Mocking up the new set up . The guys are all out getting the course ready for bed . Using the lift as the muscle to help move the trailer around made the job easy .

Had some square tube stock left over from the original build for supplies . Drilled a hole for a pin in a piece of 2" sq. tube stock and cut the back side out . 

preparing the area for welding . 

welded the plate at the point where the trailer would pivot . Might as well prime and paint it now while it's in a good position . 

Welded on a grab handle to pull balanced trailer into place . 

cut the original hitch off and weld to new tow bar . Cutting another 2" piece of stock and drilling a hole you can weld this piece to old tow bar so you can  pin the two bars together when towing .

Almost done 

Hooked up in tow 

and in tip .

Nice ,The crew will like the new set up for sure .

Bonded and strengthen the tailgate area.

Had time today to finish it up and paint . The side plates kick out to receive the aerator easier . 

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