Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Toro HDXD axle seal repair

Had a new machine with a leaky axle seal . Another reason to do the new machine service checks . Just a weeping leak not dripping . I offered to do the warranty work if time allows plus sometimes its nice to give back to dealers that give use top notch service . Fortunately we had a few rain days and caught up on regular maintenance. Not to bad a job and went pretty well .  

Weeping seal

Removed the axle drive shaft bolts
Being a new machine I figured it hub bearing would come out easily with out removing wheel hub off spindle saving a step .  Just enough room to get axel shaft apart.
Splines only line up one way . Drive shafts are timed to avoid vibration. The 2 universals have to be offset 90 degrees . 
I drained the transmission to a point below service area .

bearing /axle stub all comes out together. Clean well .
A couple of snap rings remove the axle stub from bearing and housing .Looks like the axle stub rolled the seal on assembly .
Installed new seal and greased edges .
I used the press to keep it lined up . Pressed in with little effort.

Reassemble in reverse order using torque specs easily found on Toro web site... Free


Looks good .

Luckily I live in an area where dealers (any color) are on the same page to keep our gear rolling . Top notch service goes a long way . Thanks . Nick /Blayne....Randy/Bill....And of course the parts guys .  

Rain day . A great chance to get the Green rough mowing team a going over. I'm amazed at how machine friendly The Links at Brunello  is on the gear .

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