Friday, January 23, 2015

Replacing seat rollers on our Toro 5410

One of our Toro 5410 seats started to rock back and forth quite a bit . There are four plastic roller that have worn out .
Started of by removing the seat and armrest console and let it hang upside down leaving the throttle cable etc. connected .

Next the Base ( suspension section )can come off .

Removing the rubber skirt gives you access and you can see the worn parts .

I removed the roll pin and unscrewed the seat weight adjuster also on the back rest adjuster the cap comes off the end to get at the nut for removal . The back rest adjuster linkage ,spring etc. will have to be removed .

Pics of Backrest adjuster parts .

Another pic of weight spring adjuster

The base bracket bolts have to be backed of flush inside or removed altogether .They will keep it from coming apart .

Removed the small end of shock .

Right beside the spring you can just see the worn out rollers 

To get the bracket to slide out you will need to remove the 2 bolts on both side of this bumper stop . 

Slide bracket forward into open space 


Then tip it up and out.

Pic of bumper stop 

The other end should come out if you move the bracket to one side to get one end out then the other . 

Brackets out ..clean up and grease .

Install new rollers 

and reassemble in reverse order . 

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