Thursday, October 30, 2014

Aera-vator service

We don't use this machine often but they do need to be serviced and ready to go if the Superintendent needs it . 

A few tines where missing and some badly worn out .Also a few spike mounts needed some rebuilding . They must be torqued down 250 foot pounds other wise they will loosen off and fall out or wear out the mounting holes . 

Putting it on the lift with the loader I found much easier to service . Make sure the front stand is in the lock position and use something like a rope ratchet to keep it there . 

Jack stands came in handy to lift it of the bucket plates to check the roller bearings . 

The bearings seized up a little and the 2 small set screws are useless to break it free . Have the unit on a pallet off the ground when not in use might help prevent this problem . If left unchecked the shaft will spin inside the bearing wearing the shaft out . Today I tac welded the shaft to the collar . Broke away easily and re lubed .

Pic of front leg lock to prevent it from rolling on its side . Wouldn't be a good scene if it were to do that on the lift . 

Rope ratchet holding mechanism in place to keep it locked 

Checking gear oil level

Check an lube the drive line . It's a wise choice to label them and store them inside when not in use .

Put a good layer of grease on splines 

Not many grease nipples . 

Interesting way to bond two shafts together . Lube the chain to prevent rusting . 

Check and adjust belts and remove any rodent nests. Ready to go .

Here is John aerva-vating fairways a few years back .


  1. I made my bobs shop debut on the good ol aeravator.....great machine...John Gillis--ashburn alumnist

  2. Great job John . Good luck in your new adventures .