Thursday, August 14, 2014

Toro boom valve kit

Sprayers are used more and more on golf courses . We have 2 of them here and older 2001 and the Windfoiled 2011 Toro 1250. Last week they were both out of service temperately . Thanks to Bill and the crew at Veseys we were up and running in no time .

I had installed a boom valving upgrade kit  a while back which had solved our dripping boom issues . Last week they started dripping again . Lucky for us we received the rework kit .

Well packaged sealed up with molded foam padding . 

Straight exchange of parts . Just mark the boom lines and remove wire connections, hoses and clamps . 

After removing the old part ,the kit came with a couple of shims to go over bolts . 

15 minute job from start to finish . Ready to hook it all back together.

And done . Now to take it over to wash rake and half fill the tank . The tank pressure and boom pressure will have to be adjusted . 

She's ready to work . The spray tech get a laugh because I call this one the USS Enterprise ( Star Trek) because of it size with the windfoils . 
The Old sprayer received a new electric pump clutch . 

Runs much quieter. Looks like a tight spot but after removing a few nuts on the coupler and four more for the pump ( remove pump ) it gave lots of room to work . Have a lift really speeds this type of work up . About a 1/2 to an hour job . 

Both are up and ready . 

Losing more staff every week  , Seasons starting to wind down a little . It will time to start thinking of aerating and fall projects . 

The sidewinder developed a leak on the ram that controls the side to side movement of decks . 

Should be in soon . Still usable . The rod must have bent a little after the last mishap.

Hopefully will be getting the forecasted rain the irrigation pond sure could use it .

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