Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nova Scotia Open

It's been a crazy week so far. Al the technician at the New Ashburn and I have been busy keeping the machines adjusted for tournament conditions . We start our day at 4:30 and have a coffee together discussing the tournament and gear and planning the day out . First job on hand is to swish the dew off the fairways and then start adjusting the evening mowing gear for their next mow . Nothings leaving the shop unless it's cutting news print clear across the reel . Hoc are checked and adjusted as needed and checked daily . then we double team and leave the New to work at my shop for a few hours to check over my gear for their next mow and any repairs need to be done will get at that time . Then back to adjust the morning Mowers at the New course . Taking a little break in the afternoon to be available for the evening shift in case we are needed for repairs and or adjustments . Going great so far just hoping the weather will stay good. A few random pic's  of the course .

Knocking down the dew on fairways

One of the young guns doing a great job on the loaner from Veseys.

# 9 fairway ...looken good 

The 3 covered  bridges give the place a rustic look .

# 10 and # 9 fairway looking from 9 tee area 

Another great shot of #10 fairway

Everything's cutting great .
The old course crew will be helping out soon and on stand by in case we get the rain event on Saturday 
.Lots of excitement at the course and surrounding areas . We are all ecstatic and can't wait to see the course on TV .

Every ones calm and collected at jobs and tasks at hand . Great Job New Course guys .

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