Monday, June 2, 2014

Stihl came to my shop today

Last week Bryce from Stihl stopped by the shop . We talked shop for a bit and discussed about some maintenance pointers and a quick look at all the Stihl gear we had and some suggestions for future purchases. We have been replacing the old FS 85 R we have with the FS 110 . The staff find them a little heavy .After a quick over view of the new FS 94 I was very impressed and looks like a product more suited for the golf course . Stihl a 2 cycle but a little more efficient then the old fs 85 . The handle had throttle lock adjustment to use at what ever the operator chooses and can be over ridden to full throttle at any time and reverts back to the original adjustment . Plus you don't have to run the new snipper at full throttle anymore . The choke will kick out when throttle is being used by the trigger( big plus )Also had a stop switch on the handle easily activated by your thumb . Fantastic visit from a company with  great products . Thanks .

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