Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jacobsen Greens King IV under mount mower lift stops

I have to mention these stops . I've been around these machines as an operator and technician for 18 + years . The Greens King IV gave our courses a great cut for many years and I think we have the last one here at the course . I have sold off a few of them in the past and have 3 sets of reels to use on the 2001 model we have left . The newer model must have been a custom order because the reels are very heavy duty and look more like the fairway  3400 reels . The lift frame was a bit different and the hooks have to be removed to get them on the machine ..unlike the old style where you could maneuver them in place . On GolfTechs site the guys where talking about these under mount lift stops . I decided to purchase a set and it is the perfect solution to the problem I was having . Liked them so much I purchased a second set . Now I can change the reels around as need in a lot less time . 

Part number . They are 22 $ each Canadian . A good heavy duty quality . 

Old style hook . Sorry about the pic but it's still ridiculously freezing in the shop . 

In the R+R catalog it shows them this way for the GK V and works great on the GK IV in the same position .  ( shows the other way in R+R) These are the OEM ones . The steel is almost twice as thick as the old ones and so easy to switch out reels now .

Friday, May 16, 2014

Accue Gauge shortened up

We have this Toro 3150 Q for a few seasons now . Great machine but adjusting HOC is a reel nuisance .I have tried everything but nothing to no avail . Our other course has quit a few of them and their tech shortened his gauge to speed things up . I did the same today , Enough was enough . Now it is a breeze to check and adjust the HOC. 

Using a cut of wheel I was able to shorten it a little past the wear marks on the bottom of gauge .

Re-drilled the hole .

Now the adjustments can be made without the lift and or bucket roller being in the way.

I don't like to alter this type of tool but I'm glad I finally did .

After use the gauges are put away hanging in my office . Safest place , that way they won't accidentally get kicked or knocked over .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rewinding pull cords before they are a problem

This is the time of year that I go over all the small engines . I check every machine for frayed / worn pull cords .

Fraying up by pull handle . Will it last the season . No .

At the other end it's pretty much gone . The young guys like to pull on them to the very end . If you have a couple of tall guys then they will rip them out because of their extra reach . 

They best thing I have found so far is a furniture clamp with the padded rubber jaws . Pull the cord out all the way and clamp . I mount it in the vice to make it even easier . 

Small straight pick pulls the knot out easily . 

Snip the knot off . I was surprise to see just a single knot . Usually it's a figure eight type looped through the openings . Not much room for that type of knot .

Lay out the new line beside the old and cut it off a little longer . 

Seal up the ends with a torch to keep from fraying . 

Slides right back in , if not guide it with the straight pick . 

Pull a good length out  

Then knot it .. I use a pair of needle nose pliers to slide up against knot and pull tight . 

Tuck in the loose end and pull new pull cord till it's in all the way.

Nice and clean . I like to spray some dry graphite for lubrication.  

Same idea for the handle . This is a Stihl back pack blower pull cord mechanism .But my holder will work on most anything you come across . One more thing If you scrap equipment keep the pull cords and string them up new and hang them up . It's a big time saver when your up to your ears in work and one comes in with the  cord ripped out of it . Also train the staff not to pull them to the end stop.